Transformative Technology—Day 1 class notes


transformative technology conference:

invasive transtech by MIT: low level direct current to the brain; positioning can access different parts of the brain


epigenetics: genes express themselves or not depending on your environment and behavior

focused attention: dorsal attention network
open monitoring: salience network (vigilance; can override other parts of the brain in case of danger)
love and compassion: limbic system (emotions), TOM (theory of mind, allows you to understand what other people are experiencing)
transcendental meditation: default network – thalamus
non dual awareness: precuneus & dlPFC

executive control: decisions
salience: vigilance

theta: concentrated effort, monitoring experience
SMR low Beta:
Beta 1:
High Beta:

EEG: can’t tell where in the brain readings are coming from; they add up

brain projects prediction of what will happen 300 milliseconds in the future (because it lags)

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