Who are you? Meditation exercise

In lieu of ‘homework’ following the class 1, try practicing the ‘who am I?’ meditation, either alone, or with a friend as we did in the class. Please keep a journal/blog of your experiences which you will need to show me (email me a url to it) at the end of the course. We will do this with all meditations we learn in this course.

When we first did this exercise in class, my partner Michelle and I found it really challenging; turns out, we have a lot in common and our meditation just devolved into an enthusiastic conversation (it definitely didn’t help that we’re both pretty affirmative/smiley people).

I also personally found it difficult to talk about myself at such a long length, which is not something I enjoy doing in general, in any context. My uncertainty about where to start, and even what to speak about at all, was indicative of a weakness in my own sense of myself, or at least a reluctancy to reduce myself to former occupations. But this seems forgivable, considering that I’m at ITP to expand my skillset and change careers. I mean, how else do New Yorkers define themselves if not by their job titles?

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