On the new breathing exercise: since this is supposed to slow the heart rate and put the body into parasympathetic mode, I tried this on a night I couldn’t get to sleep. It was difficult to regulate my breathing so that I didn’t run out of air during the 8-count exhalation, which put a lot of pressure on the 4-count inhalation, making the entire exercise very stressful. I don’t have the best lungs either, which was probably a detriment to my practice.


  • What are the best consumer-grade EEG devices? Emotiv, biosemi (active shielding, micro amplifier on each electrode)
  • What factors influence the accuracy of EEGs? accuracy of sensors, number of sensors
  • Resources on campus? Classes? Participate as a subject, assistant at 6 washington place, back to right ahnd side, behind elevator, yellow posters; neuroimging; free software called EEGLab

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