Transtech: W3 class notes

  • can capture motor signals in brain to control an avatar: guy in fMRI machine in Israel sees through a robot’s eyes in France, moves toward beckoning person
  • brain can incorporate prosthetics, iphone as if it were part of your body
  • brain jelly grows connections like a human brain…

synthetic telepathy: brain reacts the same way to a real sound and an imagined sound (the latter is weaker)

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS):

  • direct current, can induce specific things based on placement on head
    • anode on right temple and cathode on left shoulder > facilitates learning; much less anxiety/self-judgement/negative thoughts > able to perform better
  • electrodes can send signal to brain
    • top of head, bottom of back of head, can control stress


Binaural beats

  • Use wave interference principle to create a third wave: two waves (one through each ear) combine, creates third wave that entrains brain
    • doesn’t go far past primary auditory areas



  • sound at a high frequency (above what we can hear, >20,000 hertz)
  • 2 million hertz; mechanically vibrates cells to increase/decrease activity
    • Noninvaisve neuromodulation:
      • TMS: strong magnetic coils
      • tDCS (consumer grade available)
        •, Thync
      • transcranial ultrasound
        • mood enhancement:
          • frontal cortex involved in mood
          • focused ultrasound device targets right frontal cortex, makes subjects feel better
          • depressed people have more DMN, especially negative emotion circuits; decreased activity in cognitive control centers
            • frontal cortex stimulation produces opposite effect

Loving compassion meditation: improves mood, changes baseline level of emotional state

Meditation is like auto-hypnosis, but is active: internal wakefulness

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