pcomp w4 hw

For this week’s homework, I thought it would be cool to make a theremin. Since the only appropriate sensor I had for this endeavor was a photoresistor, it would have to be a light theremin. Here was the game plan:

Readings from the photoresistor would feed into the Arduino as an analog input, which would then map to digital output via PWM, causing the piezo to emit varying tones.

Well, it worked, but the theremin sounded god-awful and insufferably loud to boot, so I decided to add a potentiometer next to the piezo in order to adjust the voltage (ie, the volume).

Somewhat better, but the sound was still so grating that I also wanted to be able to turn it off. Lacking a slide switch, I added a button, which obviously is not the same thing.

Not a great solution, and I’m quickly growing tired of this theremin. I like the button though, so I’ll probably try to make some sort of keyboard instead.

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