LM W6: Class Notes

unsupervised learning

  • unsupervised learning is supervised learning, but the output is the same as the input


  • https://github.com/Hebali/learning_machines/tree/master/hyperparameter_hunt
  • main.py: choose hyperparameters that will beget the best accuracy
    • 700 > 600 will result in a more accurate reconstruction than 700 > 5
    • batch size: won’t have too much influence
    • think of value that you think is too small and too large, try both and middle, choose best two values and repeat
    • can layer RBM
    • continuous version allows probabilities; binary compares probability to random number between 1 and 0,  chooses between 1 and 0 based on whether the probability is less
  • Docker: virtual machine
  • launchbot: web interface for that
  • jupyter

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