fabrication w1 hw

My lithium ion battery charged up last night, so I set off to make what would be possibly the ugliest thing I’ve ever made in my life.

First step was to figure out how to actually use such a battery. After several warnings against soldering directly onto the battery, I decided to snap off the component below:

And solder my circuit onto it:

The next question was how to secure the component to the battery. Turns out, not like this:

A lifetime later…

One thought on “fabrication w1 hw

  1. Nice work. It was a good idea to try modifying an existing product, but I need more information. How did you mount the button inside the phone? How is the LED mounted?

    I think using some sort of diffuser (paper, velum, some translucent material) would really add a polish to the project. It would hide the wiring and make the light “softer”.

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