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For my repeatability assignment, I wanted to make a desk organizer like this:

It looked simple enough—I mean, I didn’t know how to make those giant slots in a piece of wood, but I figured I could cheat it by making each section individually and gluing them down to a separate base. Turns out, I’m the worst wood-worker ever, so my results weren’t nearly as nice.

I bought a nice douglas fir 2×4 at Home Depot, along with some forstner drill bits. Then I made a little schematic in Illustrator, along with instructions that optimized my workflow:

Great. So the first order of business was to chop up the wood with the miter saw into 2″ pieces. It’s a scary tool, but what proved to be even scarier was how inaccurate it was…

Maybe I just can’t subtract.

My first attempt at the miter saw yielded three useable 2″ blocks from a length of 12″.

I then tried cutting out the base of the organizer:


Clearly, that wasn’t going to work out. So I drew up plan b (complete with a dowel for keys):


And introduced myself to the drill press:

And the bandsaw:

The next day, I happened to find some thin slabs of wood in the dumpster downstairs:

Potential base material? 

So I dragged that sucker upstairs and onto this crazy contraption:

And my old friend, the miter saw:

The bases were ugly, so I spent the next few hours fretting over finishes:

I hate painted wood.

I hate everything.

Alright well, in the meantime, I had five sets ready to glue:

They were pretty modular looking, so I couldn’t resist putting them in different configurations. Sorry, Ben! I also ended up cutting a couple bases from the original douglas fir with the bandsaw (at the expense of some skin) because I really hated that wood I found.

Pretty okay.

I’ll update later with pictures of them in use!

One thought on “fab w2 hw

  1. “At the expense of some skin”? Are you ok?

    Nice work, these look good. Glad you bought some drill bits and used bought and found material. And experimenting with finishes is always the way to go before applying them.

    These came together very nicely. I think adding a wood finish will work really well for this piece.

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