fab w4 hw: enclosures

This enclosures assignment was pretty good timing, as I needed something to bring for play-testing in ICM. I’ve been extremely wishy-washy on what the enclosure should look like, but I knew what components needed to be included, so it was enough to get to work with this renewable resource:

The best part about these (aside from being free) is that they’re literally box templates, so I just adjusted the dimensions to suit my needs, ie two essential oil diffusers and one Arduino:

My box ended up being 11″ x 4.25″ x 5.5″. I added little compartments to hold the diffusers in place, then laser-cut a lid for it. This is what I brought to play-testing:

Of course, finding a box with those exact dimensions wouldn’t be as easy as stealing from the US Postal Service, let alone finding one that could also either be machined cleanly or laser-cut safely. I had this cable organizer on my nightstand which was devastatingly close:

But after hours of scouring the web for a better fit (plus a false alarm at Muji), this turned out to be the best option. The cut-outs at the bottom meant that I didn’t have to worry about machining it at all.

The box is a little short, but better that than water vapor getting trapped inside and condensing all over the electronics. Plus, the extrusions will be less noticeable against white acrylic, which the lid will eventually be cut from.

The cardboard lids have flaps that fit into the box and keep it in place, but for the final I plan on lining the inner walls of the box with a layer of cardboard that the acrylic top could sit on.

One thought on “fab w4 hw: enclosures

  1. Nice work, I like that you cardboard prototyped first and the off the shelf container you used.

    But I’m worried that the oils will get on the cardboard panel in your final enclosure. I think you will want to use something that can easily be cleaned and water proof.

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