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I went to Metalliferous this week to search for supplies to make a mobile, and really loved combing through their wares. I purchased three 1/16″ brass rods, one 3/32″ hollow brass rod, some circular links (I’ve already forgotten what the staff said it was called), three little flat brass circles, and some stone beads. I was also looking for a thin chain, but surprisingly this jewelry supply store had no such thing.

I figured vaguely that the shop would have some wire cutters, and after much digging I found something that worked.

The hollow rods reasonably closed up after I cut them (even on the bandsaw), and so Barak devised a clever trick with my small screw driver to open them up again. It did create some sharp edges though:

I had the vague idea of making some kind of dangly, abstract sun sculpture, and so used these hollow brass rods to secure the solid wire in a loop:

(As for the beads, I was hoping to create a lunar orbit as well, but couldn’t think of a way of incorporating them.)

I wasn’t sure where to get a small piece of nice hardwood (and admittedly did not have much time this week to research), so I took some wood I already had and experimented with random stain and finish, with somewhat disgusting results:

The hardest part was stringing it all up. Since I couldn’t find a thin chain, I used some thread, which ended up being way too thin, fragile, and nearly impossible to work with. They also fell straight through my brass links, so I ended up tying them directly on my rings:

Not in love with the final result, but I’ll rework the design with better materials later. Ben, do you have any idea what I could use instead of string? Maybe fishing wire?

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