fab w6 hw: mounting motors

For homework this week, I decided to add a motor to my 2-materials homework from last week. Being neurotic about aesthetics, my first move was to iterate on its design. It’s still not great, but getting there:

I showed up with this to office hours, and Ben was basically like, why haven’t you started on the actual assignment? Fair question. The 10 rpm motor I ordered off Amazon was late, and I had totally forgotten to buy a mount—admittedly, the entire point of the assignment. I strangely figured I could just drill a hole in some wood to press fit the motor.

Ben also pointed out that the coupler I stole from him during class wouldn’t fit on my motor. So he kindly lent me both a motor—similar to what I had ordered—and the mount itself. The 2mm to 3mm coupler, I would have to go to Tinkersphere for.

Of course, the coupler I needed was the only one sold out at Tinkersphere. So I borrowed one from Ridwan, despite it still being the wrong size. He also lent me a dowel that fit it, so I uh, did something I’m not proud of:

Yeah, I drilled a wire-sized hole into the dowel. It was Wednesday evening at that point and I was desperate! Especially bad was that at that point, all the hardware stores were closed, and I couldn’t find any appropriate screws for the mount, so that part would have to wait until the morning.

The next step was to put together the circuit. I ordered a 6V motor, so Ben suggested I use a voltage regulator. Mind you, I’ve never used neither a motor nor a voltage regulator, so it was definitely a learning experience.

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