w6 motors hw journey continues

So I woke up bright and early this morning to make a run to my local hardware store, which has a huge selection of screws. I brought the motor mount with me, but it turns out they didn’t have the appropriate nuts or screws for the job. Instead, the man working there handed me a bag of nuts and screws that would never have fit. I scoured around for a while and chose instead two of the smallest wood screws I could find:

I blame sleep-deprivation for what happened next:

Luckily, Azalea was there to advise me to drill pilot holes first, then screw them in with a screw driver. It worked brilliantly (considering the circumstances):

Not ideal, but surprisingly snug anyway. Sorry, Ben!

I cut down some wood the night before, and glued it all together this morning. I’ll replace the placeholder wire with the mobile once it’s sufficiently dry. Here’s hoping it won’t topple over…

Soo the top of the “enclosure” shifted while it was drying, so the motor is slanted 🙁

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