Project Development Studio W1 HW: Dream, Vision, Goal, Plan

Dream: My dream is quantify depression, and use those numbers to establish a centralized and comprehensive system that empowers both the inflicted and their medical professionals to be better able to understand, manage, and treat the cyclical nature of the disorder. I imagine a tool that will put an ever-on-call psychologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, and personal assistant in the pocket of patients who lack the energy and concern to care for themselves. 

Vision: I would like to build a system of wearables that monitor the tracked biometrics and self-reported markers of depression. With the user’s baseline state as reference, the system would employ machine learning and the user’s self-reported corroborations to label biometric deviations. Once the system learns to read the user’s mood, it will provide recommendations on self-care and subsequently learn which methods work best for the user, and when. The system will also retain an archive of visualized data for medical professional to assess during appointments.

Goal: My goal for this course is to create an EEG wearable that I can use on a daily basis. The headset will be 3d-printed and use a bluetooth arduino to send data to my computer or phone, but if this proves unreliable I will just save the data on a SD card to upload at the end of each day. The EEG will record my brainwaves, which will hopefully reveal when I blink (an indicator of mind-wandering) and whether I’m focused (theta dominance in the prefrontal ACC).

In addition, I will be using some ready-made and beta trackers for my Quant Humanists class, and hope to export all the tracked data into one system that visualizes them together. This endeavor will also be supported by the course API of You, which will start at the second half of the semester.

Plan – What is your game plan to achieve the goal in 10 weeks, what is the research required, what are the milestones. Try to come up with about 5 milestone dates towards a completion beginning of May.

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