QH W3 HW: Dear Data

For week 2’s assignment, my boyfriend and I logged our feelings every hour for about four days. We had recently realized just how differently we perceived and experienced the same relationship, and thought it would be interesting to do a comparison.

The variables we manually tracked on a Google spreadsheet were time, reaction, whether it was a positive or negative feeling, description of the event that triggered the reaction, and an overall “satisfaction score”:

On Monday, he forfeited his log and I mapped both datasets on the postcards Matthew gave us in class:

First dataset is his, bottom is mine

I choose a simple bar graph in order to flatten an extremely nuanced and qualitative dataset into something visually digestible. The bars were encoded with two colors: pink for the score, and a secondary color that indicated the type of trigger. The fluctuations in bar height in my boyfriend’s postcard illuminated just how much my boyfriend’s anxiety and sensitivity affects his experience of our relationship, while my rather uniform results illustrated how generally unperturbed I am, and/or how oblivious I am to his emotions.

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