QH W2 HW: Reflection


This week, I learned that I am totally ADD and greedy and want all the data. I also learned that all the data will definitely be too much data, and decided I will not be getting an iPhone just to use a select few iOS-only apps, so I’m going to use this space to determine my final line-up of trackers. Here goes:

  1. The “how are you feeling?” trackers:
    • Affectiva, as we saw below, which uses computer vision and a webcam to translate facial markers to emotions. Will be using this to track my blinking as well.
    • IBM’s Tone Analyzer and a key logger for a sentiment analysis keyboard. Will probably transfer text and format data manually for now, until I get time to set up something more automated.
  2. The “is your mind wandering/lonely?” trackers:
    • Affectiva calculates attention, engagement, and valence values, in addition to blinks
    • HabitLab, by Stanford HCI Group, to track my insidious social media usage, as well as to build better habits (might switch to RescueTime if this doesn’t suit my needs, but HabitLab had a much more attractive UI)
  3. The “what makes you happy?” tracker:
    • The Track Your Happiness app is only available of iOS, but it’s simple enough that I may be able to build something similar if I have time (or use this: https://www.askmeevery.com/)
    • Activity tracker: Google maps/pedometer in smartphone
    • Weather
    • Social activities

One thought on “QH W2 HW: Reflection

  1. Lovely list of alt-apple trackers! I do like the RescueTime gui and mission, and all of these choices do seem to align with the behavioral observations you hope to make, good luck!

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