API of You W2 + W3 Homework

For the third week’s assignment, I finessed last week’s viz into something much more coherent.

For the final, I would like to create a meaningful, comprehensive dashboard for all the data I’ve collected with my homemade trackers. I’ve chosen to measure several facets of my life, motivated by scientific evidence and/or personal belief that they may be metrics for stress, anxiety, and/or depression. Currently, this data is either scattered in isolated visualizations, or just sitting around in json/csv/tsv files. Additionally, this data is only tracked and available on my local machine.

We have my foregoing keylogger data:

This “mind wandering” viz that receives data from my chrome history and the RescueTime API:

Data from Affectiva’s emotion recognition model, which I am mostly using for valence and engagement (the viz for which clearly needs work):

Most importantly, I’d like to figure out some way to visualize this self-reported mood data, which prompts me hourly:

Time allowing, I would also like to include a report on my daily photo subjects, similar to this flickr archive analysis I did with the Clarifai API:

There’s also geolocation and physical activity/sleep data that I’d also like to include, which is being tracked by apps on my phone.


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