Hello, Computer W4 HW

Using Fulfillments, I was able to implement two guided exercises: the first was a remake of NYT’s seven minute workout (which always seems to be broken on their website), meant to trigger if the user’s input entity value is “burn out”; the second was a breathing exercise, which triggers if the entity value is “anxiety”.

I had tried to add a Fulfillment that played audio for another yet another entity, but it seems that Firebase won’t make http requests unless I have a payment method on file. I might look into a Spotify API instead.

Here’s the result:


I cleaned up the corpora I used to train the bot a little more as well, so it can now field questions about positive psychology and uh, learning effectively, slightly better. Chat with it here, although the web demo doesn’t speak, so you’ll only get the abbreviated “text” version of the Fulfillments.

It’s very confusing for me to have Dialogflow’s entity/intents, and some responses, removed from the responses in my nodejs code, so I may look into coding the entire thing at a later date.

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