more GMO notes

Are GMOs safe?

  • no adverse health effects among consumers have been found
  • about 90% of scientists believe GMOs are safe, but only slightly more than 1/3 of consumers think the same
  • commonly expressed concerns (unwanted changes in nutritional content, creation of allergens, and toxic effects on organs) have not been clearly demonstrated yet; but benefits (higher yield, lower toxins) have been well-established
    • yields of corn, cotton, and soybeans are said to have risen by 20-30%
    • animal health and growth have improved on genetically engineered feed
    • could greatly increase food supply
    • Golden Rice: GMO that has more vitamin A than spinach and could prevent blindness and more that a million deaths a year in African and Asian countries
      • has genes added to it which allow it to produce beta-carotene



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