Soft Sensing HW

For our last homework assignment, I wanted to make my breath sensor a little nicer. Luckily, Alexandra was around to give me a refresher on how to use the sewing machine, and showed me a neat trick that keeps the conductive thread on the underside of the fabric, and therefore unexposed:

front, back

I then used this technique to sew along the length of the straps, and used another trick Alexandra showed me to sew terminals for alligator clips:

Then I added velcro at the ends of the straps:

When it came to actually test on a person, the analog read range was quite small, so I had to map the min and max reads to the digital write range to make the LED fade discernible:

Apparently, there are no alligator clips at ITP, so I had to improvise with wire, copper tape, and paper clips.

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