electronic rituals wk1 notes

phenomenology: not necessarily observable; what can’t be observed but only recorded by the person experiencing it

bracketing/epoche: act of setting aside whether the world exists in favor of focusing on subjective experiences; no need to prove what happened

hermeneutic(s): ways of experiencing something; methods of interpretations; approaches of extracting information; ie different tarot readings of the same hand

ethnography: methodology for conducting social science; emphasizes field work and case studies, rather than lab experiments and statistical conclusions

“the numinous”: set apart space, working with a different set of rules, in order to evoke a phenomenological experience; labyrinth Rituals:


  • rites of passage (baptism)
  • seasonal/calendrical (halloween)
  • political (elections)
  • religious (prayers)
  • interpersonal (TNO)

Rituals are related to performance, play, gesture, discourse, studies, etc.

Divination: ritualized practices of finding things out; “subjunctive”

  • cleromancy: casting and reading (dice, cards, i ching)
  • augury, prophecy and prediction: interpreting natural phenomenon
  • mediums and messages: reading at a distance; Ouija board
  • spells, hexes

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