electronic rituals wk2 class notes


  • “showing of a doing”
  • portions of the ritual do not immediately address the need of the situation
  • Types:
    • rites of passage (baptism, prom, weddings)
    • seasonal/calendrical (halloween, new year’s)
    • political (elections)
    • religious (prayer)
    • interpersonal (greetings, gifting)
  • functional taxonomy
    • solidarity and social cohesion
    • collective effervescence and communitas
    • construction of power
    • negotiation (courtrooms, elections)
  • rituals build social cohesion
  • rituals: infinite actions > steps that give the world meaning/allow us to inhabit a place
  • rituals help people figure out, divine, even construct a cosmos

assignment: find an artist and find a contrast between your and their rituals; 7 hours

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