ICM w2 hw

Well that was fun.

Don’t have much to say about this. Just checked off the following requirements:

  • One element controlled by the mouse: background color
  • One element that changes over time, independently of the mouse: movement of facets
  • One element that is different every time you run the sketch: positions of sparkles

ICM Day 1—question prompt

Write a blog post about how computation applies to your interests. This could be a subject you’ve studied, a job you’ve worked, a personal hobby, or a cause you care about. What projects do you imagine making this term? What projects do you love?

I’ve been trying to get into programming for years now. As a graphic designer/impatient human, it’s always frustrating to be dependent on others to get things done. I would love to be able to build things on my own—or at the very least, prototype them—which is the main reason why I decided to attend ITP in the first place. I have a few crazy project ideas stewing in my brain that all involve computation, but for this introductory class, I just want to make some cool-looking stuff.

Some projects I love:

ICM Day 1—p5 drawing hw

So you can’t really just casually eyeball a drawing in p5, like my lazy impulses attempted to do with the in-class drawing exercise:

Wasted too much of my life guestimating these coordinates.

Next to me, Terrick had drawn up little axes for himself—perhaps as any rational human being would have. So for my next attempt, I busted out the grid paper:

Not really sure how I messed that first one up.

Unsurprisingly, doing this minimal amount of prep work saved me loads of time in the end. It took so little effort, in fact, that I decided to add a little pizzaz:

I was actually so excited about this that I had further plans for it, but couldn’t figure out how to position text on the page, or how to add an if-then statement into fill(), and quickly gave up.

The web editor is very glitchy.